Watters Confronts Critic Who Sat Through The Standing Ovation For Navy SEAL’s Widow

Jesse Watters never takes a backwards step and on his show “Watters World”, he confronted a critic of the nearly two-minute standing ovation given to the widow of Navy SEAL William Ryan Owens during President Trump’s address to Congress.

Owens, who was killed in a raid in Yemen in January is the first military casualty of the Trump administration. Liberals in the aftermath of his death had accused Owens’ window, Carryn Owens, or being stupid and as a political prop.

John Schindler, a former NSA analyst had been to claim she was a prop, and had been publicly exploited by Trump..

“I have no problem with the president honoring Mrs. Owens. What I have a problem with is hours before, he had passed the buck and said they — meaning the senior military leadership — had gotten her husband killed. They lost him is what they literally said,” said Schindler, also a columnist for Observer.com.

Watters responded saying the ovation was not about the raid but more so about the sacrifice Owens gave for his country.

He added that Schindler should be “ashamed” that he is putting down a widow after such a powerful moment.

Watch the exchange below:

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