White House Staff Looking Forward To Trump

As we reported here, it’s no secret that White House staff are looking forward to the Obama family leaving the White House, so much so that some workers enjoyed a celebratory drink after the Trump election victory.

But further information has revealed that it’s not just the White House cleaning staff holding out for the Obama’s to leave, but actually the majority of the working class staff at the White House, from cooks, gardeners and vehicle detailers to various tradesman who keep the White House operating as ‘business as normal’.

You’ll remember Obama’s famous remarks to ‘Joe the plumber’ in 2008 in which Obama commented that he wanted to “spread the wealth”, indicating his socialist view of where the economy should go.

Well, it would also seem that plumbers still dislike him in 2016. Peter Simpson a local D.C plumber who is contracted to work at the White House advised right wing media via email last week that work since the election has been the best in years, and not because of anything Obama has done. For Peter Simpson, it’s the knowledge that in only a month he will no longer have to work for Obama or within his poor economy.

“It’s been horrible under Obama, the work has dried up as we just can’t compete with cheap illegals from across the border”. In an email exchange with Simpson he went on to explain “…as soon as Trump stated he would build a wall, keep jobs in America and buy American, I knew he was the President for me”.

“I really feel like 2017 will be my year. And 2018 and 2019 – who knows how long this will last but, I think our economy is going to boom – I might have to re-hire some staff I’ve had to let go over the past 8 years”.

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