WHOA – Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Calling Out President Trump!

President Trump has a great sense of humor! Earlier today he went to the National Prayer Breakfast and asked for a special prayer for Reality TV star, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Trump who is still an executive producer on the show, The Apprentice was referring to the show’s low rating since Schwarzenegger took over.

But, Schwarzenegger has made a few parting shots at Trump about his leadership, so it was only fair President Trump called him out!

But Schwarzenegger replied with this:

Haha whoa! This all seems like good fun – clearly Trump cares about the show because he’s still an executive on the show! And we’re sure Arnie wouldn’t want to offend his boss….or does he? Time will tell!

But who would want to replace President Trump!

He’s doing a great job!

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