What? Whoopi Goldberg Just Slams Women’s March Organizers! Watch! Van Jones Left Speechless!

Has the world been turned upside down? Liberal Whoopi Goldberg has just slammed Women’s March organizers for something we never saw coming!

Speaking on CNN, even Goldberg surprised Van Jones by slamming Women’s March organizers who excluded women who were pro-life!

The controversy began when pro-life organizers who wanted to join the massive protest against Trump were told that they could not participate because their values were not in line with the demonstration. Eventually some pro-life advocates joined the protest anyway, and were rewarded with violence by the other marchers.

Goldberg seemed to attempt to explain away the controversy, saying, “People who organized this never specifically said ‘this is just, this is for you and this is for you.’” She continued, “Y’know once you get too many people involved, everybody says ‘well you can’t come in, you can’t come in,’ but from what I understand… that was not true of the organizers.”



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