Wikileaks Just Emerged To Show Trump Was Right! SWEDEN IS A MESS!

Once again, President Trump has been shown correct and the mainstream media goes completely quiet, thanks to Wikileaks!

Wikileaks has again popped up to help Trump and shut down the lies being spread by mainstream media about what is really happening in Sweden. Trump mentioned the terrible things that have been happening in Sweden (read more here) during his speech in Orlando.

But┬áthe liberal media claimed he was referencing a terror attack that happened the previous night, and while he was not saying that at all – they continued on with their childish attacks.

Until now. Wikileaks have just released the below:

So, Wikileaks reveal that the Swedish media have been covering up the crime stats of all the migrants that they allowed in and now the media goes quiet!

In fact, this is just another example of a country making a HUGE mistake after letting in millions of refugees now trying to cover their ass!

Sweden is why President Trump doesn’t want to allow these people into our country! They can’t be trusted and we can’t let them in until we know what is going on!






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