WIN FOR A MORAL AMERICA! Two Unlikely Groups Have Joined Forces To Fight Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Mandate!

Former President Obama’s transgender bathroom mandate was a SICK thing! But thankfully he’s left and Democrats have left the White House with him & now two very unlikely groups are joining forces to overturn it!

The Obama administration told public schools last year they had to allow anyone who identified as transgender to use the bathroom of their choice. If schools refused to enforce the rule, they would be denied federal funding.

SICK! That’s something you would see in a communist country or a dictatorship – but even they’re not perverted and SICK enough to introduce such a thing!

But now, The Family Policy Alliance, which is the public policy partner of the Christian conservative organization Focus on the Family, is working with a radical feminist group, the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF), to fight the order.

On “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Kara Dansky, the chair of WoLF’s board of directors, argued that it’s unfair that men who identify as female get the same benefits as women under Title IX.

“We think that ‘women and girls’ are a meaningful category worthy of civil rights protection,” she said. “If we define sex, under Title IX, to mean gender identity, what we’re essentially saying is that ‘women and girl’ can mean anyone who self-identifies as ‘women and girl,’ which makes the category ‘women and girls’ meaningless as a category.”

Dansky said that speaking out on this issue immediately makes you a target for hate.

“We’re called transphobic bigots because we ask questions about gender identity,” Dansky said. “We’re asking questions and we’re standing up for women and girls. And that seems to be not permitted.”

Look, while we don’t always agree with feminists (well, we never have), we think this is a great idea for them to support. Even if their reasoning for this is a little “fruity”.  However, this ruling was perverted and bizarre – we applaud them for this effort!

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