WIN FOR TRUMP! U.S Border Patrol Has Begun Responding To Trump’s Immigration Plan!

It’s about time! Following President Trump’s immigration plan, U.S border control agents are now responding with force!

As per the video, Trump’s plan will involve a much harder line to illegal immigrants and an end to Obama’s “catch & release”, which effectively saw illegals let into the U.S via “the front door” and into the United States.

Agents also say that if these orders are introduced “it will radically change how immigration in changed at the border and in the cities”. There will be “interior enforcement”. Under Obama illegals deported from the cities fell from 250,000 to just 65,000 last year. Trump will triple the number of ICE agents, cracking down on sanctuary cities and cracking down on ICE policies so they don’t so “they don’t release low level criminal aliens”

Trump’s plan will also make it easier for the construction of the way by amending environmental laws and see a wall built similar to that in Israel!

Watch below:


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