WOW! John McCain Just Lost It During A TV Interview – Dodgy Saudi Arabia Dealings!


Oh my god! Sen. John McCain just went crazy during a interview that question his relation with the government of Saudi Arabia.

Reporters were asking McCain about a $1 million donation by the government of Saudi Arabia to a non-profi that bears John McCain’s name.

McCain then lost his cool and denied any connections with the McCain Institute for International Leadership. The institute was founded in 2012 using $9 million in leftover cash from McCain’s failed 08 presidential bid.



Just like Hillary Clinton’s foundation, McCain’s institute also gives donors the ability to meet with and discuss American policy direct with John McCain!

Why would McCain allow a foreign government the ability to dictate U.S policy? That’s horrible!

No wonder he’s had Clinton’s back this whole time – using his standing to trash talk Trump at every opportunity! The man is filthy!

Here’s what we do!

  • Share this with your Republican friends – we need to share this message!
  • Tell everyone at any opportunity to never vote McCain!

It’s time we help Trump to drain the swamp by helping spread this message!

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