WOW! Mike Pence Just Destroyed All Those “Racist” Rumors! This Is A True Blessing!

As reported a number of Jewish cemeteries have been destroyed and trashed by complete weirdos! Of course, despite his own daughter being Jewish, leftwing media has tried to paint President Trump as a racist and anti-Semite.

Well, his vice-president just showed there is no racism in the Trump administration.

Vandals damaged dozens of headstones this week at the historic Jewish Cemetery north of St. Louis.

Arriving with Missouri GOP Governor Eric Greitens, VP Mike Pence came to CLEAN IT UP! They were joined by hundreds of supporters who came to help fix it.

Mike Pence even gave an amazing speech to everyone who came by to support them.


And, to show how much his actions meant to them, a Jewish man also gave Pence a ‘yarmulke’ – check it out!


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