WOW! Tomi Lahren Takes 2017 by storm! Slams the president out of Obama!

Whoa! Lahren is set to take 2017 by storm after her latest “final thoughts” segment in which she completely breaks down, then destroys the “failed Obama presidency”.

Lahren calls the Obama years the “apology tour”, jet setting around the world to grease up to foreign interests, even when those interests weren’t in OUR best interests!

Going further she states, “you don’t give a flying squirrel Hillary lost, you’re just embarrassed that you endorsed a lying loser and your party paid for it. You’re embarrassed because you full-well-know this was a referendum on your presidency”.

Lahren slams poor race relations in this country, “when we refer to Make America Great Again, we are directly referring to your mistakes!”

Whoa! Lahren continues to impress!

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