Yes!!! Judge Makes An Example Of Rapist Who Appealed His Sentence

When you’re already going to spend the next 65 years of your life in prison, what do you have to lose from trying to get that sentenced reduced?

 Apparently, the few years of freedom you might have otherwise enjoyed.

Once you hear this story, there’s no way you won’t agree with the sentence.

Nine years ago, then 16 year old Kendrick Morris was sentenced to 65 years in prison for two rapes – one of which included him beating a woman’s skull in, leaving her paralyzed and bound to a wheelchair.

He was “fortunate” enough to be granted a re-sentencing hearing after a Supreme Court decision, which determined lengthy sentences for juvenile offenders to be unconstitutional.

He may have been a young offender, but it was hardly a “youthful” crime. At that sentencing, they did revise his sentence….. upward. Forever.



Did he look even the slightest bit remorseful?

Of course not. If he were, he wouldn’t have tried to get his sentence reduced.

Good riddance.


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