YES! Obamacare Begins To Crumble, Just Like His ‘Legacy’!

Obamacare was terrible. The deductibles were huge, and only a select group of Obama’s friends could afford the premiums! It was a huge waste of money and time – socialist b.s!

But there’s been a great development which proves Obamacare will crumble, taking Obama’s so-called ‘legacy’ with it!

According to Politico, the healthcare insurer Humana will completely withdraw from the Affordable Care Act exchange program in 2018, leaving a sizable dent in the Obamacare market.

This makes Humana the first major health insurance company to DITCH Obamacare. They say they stood to lose $45 million on Obamacare in 2017:

“We are again seeing signs of an unbalanced risk pool based on the results of the 2017 open enrollment period,” CEO Bruce Broussard said in an investor call. “Therefore we’ve decided we can’t continue to offer this coverage in 2018.”

President Donald Trump’s administration is said to soon introduce new rules that would convince insurers to stick around, however Broussard doesn’t believe there’s anything that could convince his company to stick around.

President Trump is going to fix Obamacare. In fact, he will let it crumble and then create something better – screw Obama and his terrible healthcare plan!


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