So, You’ve Probably Seen Jill Stein has Requested a RECOUNT for CLINTON! Our Thoughts…

Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate in the November Election, upset at how democracy works in America has just requested an election recount of votes in Wisconsin, alleging ‘hackers could have skewed the result by obtaining the state’s voter database and then filing bogus ballots’.

Stein, clearly upset at the election result is now displaying typical liberal behaviour – throwing a tantrum and claiming everything is unfair. Case and point, THOSE riots we saw in the hours after the Presidential Election and, now THIS!

Wisconsin state now faces a deadline of 13 December to complete the recount, forcing state employees to work evenings and weekends to finish the job in time – thanks Jill, that’s just lovely for those staff in the lead up to Christmas! We are sure there are other things they would rather be doing, such as spending time with family!

Freedom Liberty News would like to point out, as we are sure you can all remember, that in the lead up to Election 2016 when Trump was an outsider, with no chance and the polls were against him – that it was not a case of IF but WHEN Clinton won, we would all have to respect the result!

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